Research Scientist
Adobe Research, San Jose, CA, US
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I am a Research Scientist at Adobe Research. My research interests are in the areas of machine learning and natural language processing (NLP). I am particularly interested in understanding long texts for question answering systems and learning language representation for NLP tasks. Further interests lie in applying and integrating NLP research with other disciplines to tackle practical issues; understanding multimodal information (i.e., text, audio, and visual) and NLP for social good.

I received my Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Seoul National University in 2020 with the Distinguished Dissertation Award, where I was fortunate to be advised by Dr. Kyomin Jung. Prior to Seoul National University, I had involved critical initiatives for the engineering and innovation of AI and machine learning while I was a staff software engineer at Samsung Research Artificial Intelligence Center (2006-2017).


  • Oct. 2020 : I'm thrilled to join Adobe Research!!!"
  • Sep. 2020 : I gave a talk at Dongguk Univ., "Recent Advancements in NLP for QA, LM, and Evaluation Metric"
  • Aug. 2020 : I am awarded the Distinguished Dissertation Award, Dept. ECE, Seoul National University.
  • Jul. 2020 : Our paper (multimodal speech emotion) is accepted to INTERSPEECH 2020.
  • Jul. 2020 : I gave a talk at KAIST/IBS, "Understanding Long Texts for Question Answering System Using DNN"
  • Jun. 2020 : I defend my PhD!.
  • May. 2020 : One paper (signal compression) is accepted for publication in The Journal of Supercomputing 2020.
  • Apr. 2020 : Our paper (language representation) is accepted to ACL 2020.
  • Feb. 2020 : I am awarded the Google Conference and Travel Scholarships for the ICASSP-20 paper.
  • Feb. 2020 : One paper (QA) is accepted to LREC 2020.
  • Jan. 2020 : Our paper (adverse drug reaction) is accepted to PAKDD 2020 as oral presentation.
  • Jan. 2020 : One paper (multimodal speech emotion) is accepted to IEEE ICASSP 2020 as oral presentation.

Academic Activities

  • Service:
    Program Committee, NAACL (2019), ACL (2020), EMNLP (2019, 2020), AACL (2020), EACL (2021)
    Program Committee, AAAI (2020, 2021), WWW (2021), INTERSPEECH (2019)
    Journal Reviewer, Information Processing and Management, 2020
    Journal Reviewer, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 2020

  • Invited Talks:
    Recent Advancements in NLP for QA, LM, and Evaluation Metric, Dongguk Univ., Sep. 2020
    Understanding Long Texts for Question Answering System Using DNN, KAIST/IBS, Jul. 2020
    Question Answering System for Long Text, Adobe Research (San Jose, CA, US), Dec. 2019
    Question Answering System and Multimodal Speech Emotion Recognition, DEEPEST, Aug. 2019
    Research in Natural Language Processing, NVIDIA AI Conference, Jul. 2019
    Question Answering for Short Answer, Adobe Research (San Jose, CA, US), Dec. 2018
    QA-pair ranking algorithm and its applications, NAVER, Aug. 2018
    Learning to Rank Question-Answer Pairs, PyTorch KR, Jun. 2018
    Advancement of the Neural Dialogue Model, Fast campus, Jul. 2018

  • Teaching Assistant:
    Programming Methodology, Seoul National University, Spring 2018
    Machine Learning, Seoul National University, Fall 2015
    Lab. Sentiment Analysis, BigCamp (Big Data Academy), Big Data Institute, 2016-2019

Professional Experiences

  • NLP Research Scientist: Adobe Research (San Jose, CA, US), 2020-present
  • Research Scientist Intern: Adobe Research (San Jose, CA, US), Fall 2018
  • Staff Engineer: Samsung Research (Seoul, KR), 2006-2017
  • Representative of employees: Samsung Electronics (Seoul, KR), 2012-2014
  • Trainer of Global New Employee Course: Samsung Electronics (Seoul, KR), Spring 2011

International Conference Proceedings

*denotes equal contribution.
  1. Multimodal Speech Emotion Recognition using Cross Attention with Aligned Audio and Text
    Y Lee, S Yoon, K Jung

  2. Fast and Accurate Deep Bidirectional Language Representations for Unsupervised Learning [paper] [code]
    (acceptance rate: 25.2%)
    J Shin, Y Lee, S Yoon, K Jung
    ACL 2020

  3. Propagate-Selector: Detecting Supporting Sentences for Question Answering via Graph Neural Networks [paper] [code]
    S Yoon, F Dernoncourt, DS Kim, T Bui, K Jung
    LREC 2020

  4. Drug-disease Graph: Predicting Adverse Drug Reaction Signals via Graph Neural Network with Clinical Data [paper] [slide]
    (oral presentation, accpetance rate: 21%)
    H Kwak, M Lee, S Yoon, J Chang, S Park, K Jung
    PAKDD 2020

  5. Attentive Modality Hopping Mechanism for Speech Emotion Recognition [paper] [code] [slide]
    (oral presentation)
    S Yoon, S Dey, H Lee, K Jung
    IEEE ICASSP 2020

  6. A Compare-Aggregate Model with Latent Clustering for Answer Selection [paper] [slide] [poster]
    (oral presentation, accpetance rate: 21.2%)
    S Yoon, F Dernoncourt, DS Kim, T Bui, K Jung
    CIKM 2019

  7. Speech Emotion Recognition Using Multi-hop Attention Mechanism [paper] [slide]
    (oral presentation)
    S Yoon, S Byun, S Dey, K Jung
    IEEE ICASSP 2019

  8. Neural Networks for Compressing and Classifying Speaker-Independent Paralinguistic Signals [paper]
    S Byun, S Yoon, K Jung
    IEEE BigComp 2019

  9. Detecting Incongruity Between News Headline and Body Text via a Deep Hierarchical Encoder [paper] [code] [slide] [poster]
    (oral presentation, accpetance rate: 16.2%)
    S Yoon*, K Park*, J Shin, H Lim, S Won, M Cha, K Jung
    AAAI 2019

  10. Learning to Rank Question-Answer Pairs using Hierarchical Recurrent Encoder with Latent Topic Clustering [paper] [code] [poster] [video_kor]
    (acceptance rate: 31%)
    S Yoon, J Shin, K Jung
    NAACL HLT 2018

  11. Contextual-CNN: A Novel Architecture Capturing Unified Meaning for Sentence Classification [paper]
    J Shin, Y Kim, S Yoon, K Jung
    IEEE BigComp 2018

  12. Synonym Discovery with Etymology-based Word Embeddings [paper]
    S Yoon, P Estrada, K Jung
    IEEE SSCI 2017

  13. Automatic Question Answering System for Consumer Product [paper]
    S Yoon, M Sundar, A Gupta, K Jung
    IntelliSys 2016

  14. Mining the Minds of Customers from Online Chat Logs [paper]
    (accpetance rate: 21%)
    K Park, J Kim, J Park, M Cha, J Nam, S Yoon, E Rhim
    CIKM 2015

  15. Media clips: Implementation of an intuitive media linker [paper]
    S Yoon, K Lee, H Shin
    IEEE BMSB 2011

Journal Publications and Book

  1. Comparative Studies on Machine Learning for Paralinguistic Signal Compression and Classification [paper]
    (SCI, IF=2.157)
    S Byun*, S Yoon*, K Jung
    Journal of Supercomputing 2020

  2. BaitWatcher: A lightweight web interface for the detection of incongruent news headlines [paper] [book]
    K Park, T Kim, S Yoon, M Cha, K Jung
    Disinformation, Misinformation, and Fake News in Social Media-Emerging Research Challenges and Opportunities, Springer 2020

  3. Domain Question Answering System
    S Yoon, E Rhim, D Kim
    KIISE Transactions on Computing Practices 2015

Peer Reviewed Workshops

  1. ViLBERTScore: Evaluating Image Caption Using Vision-and-Language BERT
    H Lee, S Yoon, F Dernoncourt, DS Kim, T Bui, K Jung
    EMNLP 2020 (Workshop on Eval4NLP)

  2. DSTC8-AVSD: Multimodal Semantic Transformer Network with Retrieval Style Word Generator [paper]
    H Lee, S Yoon, F Dernoncourt, DS Kim, T Bui, K Jung
    AAAI 2020 (Workshop on DSTC8)

  3. Surf at MEDIQA 2019: Improving Performance of Natural Language Inference in the Clinical Domain by Adopting Pre-trained Language Model [paper] [poster]
    J Nam, S Yoon, K Jung
    ACL 2019 (Workshop on BioNLP)

  4. Multimodal Speech Emotion Recognition using Audio and Text [paper] [code] [poster]
    S Yoon, S Byun, K Jung
    IEEE SLT 2018

  5. Comparative Studies of Detecting Abusive Language on Twitter [paper] [code]  
    Y Lee*, S Yoon*, K Jung
    EMNLP 2018 (Workshop on Abusive Language Online)

  6. Efficient Transfer Learning Schemes for Personalized Language Modeling using Recurrent Neural Network [paper]
    S Yoon, H Yun, Y Kim, G Park, K Jung
    AAAI 2017 (Workshop)


[ International Patents ]

  1. [issued] Terminal apparatus, server and method of controlling the same [link]
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[ Korean Patents ]

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