David Seunghyun Yoon
Research Scientist

PhD Candidate
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Seoul National Unviersity

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I'm a Ph.D. candidate at Machine Intelligence Lab. at Seoul National University. I am advised by Prof. Kyomin Jung at Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Before coming to SNU, I was a senior software engineer at Samsung artificial intelligence (AI) research center.

My research interests are in the areas of machine learning and natural language processing (NLP). In particular, I am interested in the question-answering system and emotional dialogue model.

Keywords: NLP, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence


Academic Activities

  • Teaching Assistant:
    Programming Methodology, Seoul Nat’l Univ., Spring 2018
    Lab. Sentiment Analysis, BigCamp (Big Data Academy), Big Data Institute, 2016-2018
    Topics in Computer and VLSI (Machine Learning), Seoul Nat’l Univ., Fall 2015

  • Invited Talks:
    QA-pair ranking algorithm and its applications, Naver, Aug. 2018
    Advancement of the Neural Dialogue Model, Fast campus, Jul. 2018

  • Service:
    Program Committee of NAACL 2019

Professional Experiences

  • Visiting Researcher: Automation & Systems Research Institute, 2017
  • Senior Engineer: Samsung AI Research Center, 2006-2017
  • Representative of employees: Samsung, 2012-2014
  • Trainer of Global New Employee Course: Samsung, 2011


  1. Neural Networks for Compressing and Classifying Speaker-Independent Paralinguistic Signals   (to be appeared)
    S Byun, S Yoon, K Jung
    IEEE BigComp 2019
  2. Detecting Incongruity Between News Headline and Body Text via a Deep Hierarchical Encoder [paper] [code]   (to be appeared)
    S Yoon, K Park, J Shin, H Lim, S Won, M Cha, K Jung
    AAAI 2019
  3. Multimodal Speech Emotion Recognition uing Audio and Text [paper]   (to be appeared)
    S Yoon, S Byun, K Jung
    IEEE SLT 2018
  4. Comparative Studies of Detecting Abusive Language on Twitter [paper] [code]  
    Younghun Lee*, S Yoon*, K Jung
    EMNLP 2018 (Workshop)
  5. Learning to Rank Question-Answer Pairs using Hierarchical Recurrent Encoder with Latent Topic Clustering [paper] [code] [video_kor]
    S Yoon, J Shin, K Jung
    NAACL HLT 2018
  6. Contextual-CNN: A Novel Architecture Capturing Unified Meaning for Sentence Classification [paper]
    J Shin, Y Kim, S Yoon, K Jung
    IEEE BigComp 2018
  7. Synonym Discovery with Etymology-based Word Embeddings [paper]
    S Yoon, P Estrada, K Jung, K Jung
    IEEE SSCI 2017
  8. Efficient Transfer Learning Schemes for Personalized Language Modeling using Recurrent Neural Network [paper]
    S Yoon, H Yun, Y Kim, G Park, K Jung
    AAAI 2017 (Workshop)
  9. Automatic Question Answering System for Consumer Product [paper]
    S Yoon, M Sundar, A Gupta, K Jung
    IntelliSys 2016
  10. Mining the Minds of Customers from Online Chat Logs [paper]
    K Park, J Kim, J Park, M Cha, J Nam, S Yoon, E Rhim
    CIKM 2015
  11. Domain Question Answering System
    S Yoon, E Rhim, D Kim
    KIISE Transactions on Computing Practices 2015
  12. Media clips: Implementation of an intuitive media linker [paper]
    S Yoon, K Lee, H Shin
    IEEE BMSB 2011
* denotes equal contribution.


[ International Patents ]

  1. [issued] Method of recommending application, mobile terminal using the method, and communication system using the method [link]
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  2. [issuedMethod and apparatus for displaying photo on screen having any shape [link]
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  4. [issued] Method and apparatus for fast tracking position by using global positioning system [link]
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  5. Method and device for analyzing user's emotion
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  12. Method and apparatus for crawling webpages [link]
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[ Korean Patents ]

  1. [issuedMethod and apparatus for providing information, and computer readable storage medium
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  2. [issued] Method for recommendation of application, mobile terminal thereof and communication system thereof
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  3. [issued] Method and apparatus for fast positioning using global positioning system
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  4. Artificial intelligence based dialog system and response control method thereof
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